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Mom was born in Andover, New Brunswick, Canada in 1944. She spent her years growing up in Andover, the daughter of a school teacher and railroad engineer. Her parents separated, but the struggles she faced in life because of that made her a stronger person.

She married a military man in 1966 and settled in Toronto, Ontario. They later moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and had their children in 1970 and 1973. A military posting took them to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where they still reside.

Mom has been involved in church work and spiritual studies all of her life. As a church musician in her home church in Andover she learned the value of ministry. She graduated from Nova Bible Academy, and has been writing down her inspirations for many years. She is still involved in the church music program in which she plays piano.

Over the years her writing has developed and attracted the attention of its readers. Thanks to this website, she now has a place to express her thoughts, and she hopes that in some way her writing will help you.

Son was born in 1970 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He moved to Nova Scotia with his family in 1977.

He attended Christian Life College from where he graduated, with honors, with a BA in Bible and Theology with a major in music.

He married in the summer of '91 and moved to Colorado. There he taught languages, social studies, band, and choir in a private school and directed the church music program. In 1995 he moved to Southern California and directed music full-time for two-and-a-half years.

In the fall of '97, he and his wife had twins, and that winter they moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

As a English-language enthusiast and avid reader, he has always enjoyed writing. His recent career and location change have afforded him an opportunity to write like he has wanted to and like Mom, he wants his work to be an encouragement and help to you.