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Welcome to our Gourmet selections. I'm glad you're interested in trying something different, or a twist on something you have already known and enjoyed. Open you mind and your heart, and most of all...relax.

What can I get you?
Java Adopcion: Family "matters" (9/98)
La Histoire d'Adoption: Why family "matters" (9/98)
Pure Maternal Blend: Can you keep a secret? No need to...this is a "tell-all" tale (9/98)
The Miracle Bean: Give Him some...see what happens (12/98)
Peace in a Tea Cup: As opposed to a Tempest in a Tea Pot (12/98)
New Year's Blend: The Oldest Known "Fertility Drug" (01/99)
Beyond Reasonable Doubt-(5/99)
The River Personified-(5/99)
The Secret Place-(5/99)
Where There Is Death There Is Hope-(11/99)

So you would like to try something different...a bean from some far reaches of the globe, something that costs a little more, thoughts that stretch the mind, stimulate the senses, add a twist of this or that, and makes you wake up in the morning wondering when you can get back to the shop for another dose of something out of the ordinary. Well, order what you'd like, keeping in mind that if sometimes a sip doesn't sit well with you, at least your awake now.

What can I get you?
Forgive and Forget: Carries Eternal Significance (12/98)
The Workin' Man's Blend: Relax boys, the Work is done! (12/98)
Balanced Blend: Sweeten this one with a little "Equal" (9/98)
Balanced Blend II: A Second Cup (9/98)
Wholly Drinkable: Holy, like He is Holy (12/98)
Look Up. Do you see Him?-(5/99)