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These are the servings that, if you have been "drinking coffee" for a while, will be most familiar to you. If you have been experimenting from our Decaf menu and are ready to step things up a notch, then simply make your choice and we hope you enjoy!

What would you like?

Cafe Rouge: Strangely enough, this one covers you inside AND out. (9/98)
Stormy Brew: a poem (9/98)
The Gift Pack: Free, of course (12/98)
Fruit Smoothie: Pick the Good Fruit (12/98)
The Return Policy: A lifetime to bring it back (12/98)
In the Garden-(5/99)
The Spiritual Thermometer-(5/99)
Time-ful of the Mind-(5/99)
The Creator Created-(11/99)
You Don't Have To Take It!-(11/99)
The King of Hearts-(11/99)
Giving Birth to the Antichrist-(06/08)

Indeed, it is a pleasure to see you in our shop. You're always welcome here. We're open 24 hours for your convenience.

What would you like?

Convo Cafe: Care for some meaningful conversation with that? (9/98)
Bordereaux Drip: Focus on what's in the cup...not the outside of the cup (9/98)
Powerful Stuff: Over-powerment vs. Em-powerment (10/98)
Relationship: Just why are we here? (12/98)
A Hearty Brew: Heart-provoking Questions (12/98)
Altered Roast: Tailor-made (12/98)
The Parallel-(5/99)
Let's Patch It Up-(11/99)
18 Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel-(11/99)
Yoo Hoo! Where Are You?-(11/99)