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The Return Policy

There is a principle by which God implements His Plan. I am calling it the "out-in" theory. Whatever is taken "out of" the true source MUST be returned.

For a mental image let's imagine God to be a huge tool chest. In eternity past in this Divine Chest, God had two items "out of which" He would accomplish His entire plan. In the beginning of time as we know it God took out the first (tool) Adam "out of" His image and likeness. Chapter 2 and verse 7 of Genesis shows us that even the sub-titles of Adam's life follow this transcendent precept! "Out of" the dust...return to the dust. "Out of God" (breath of life) return to God that gave it. Ecc.12:7.

Now God begins a "show 'n tell" that will help us understand where we fit in the big picture. He causes a deep sleep (symbolic of death) to envelop Adam. "Out of" this man He takes a part and makes a woman, who returns to the known of him ...and they become one again. This is the preface that illuminates the overall plan of God creating a shadow of the Real. An allegory of the second Adam and His Bride.

Keep in mind that God does not put His tools away until the job is complete. When the fullness of time was come God takes the second Adam "out of" Himself...John 1:18 and 8:42 proceeds forth from the bosom of the Father. Made of a woman, fathered by God...(contemplation time!) The first tool God used was of the earth...a living soul. The second medium, a quickening spirit, was the very LORD from Heaven (because death of the spirit reigned, we need life). He dies in order to produce, and "out of" His His counterpart...comes a bride (blood and and a new dispensation is launched of which we are a part.

When He calls us home we will KNOW Him and celebrate the marriage supper of the Lamb...what a reunion! We will have time for a honeymoon but the work is not finished...FOR HE MUST REIGN UNTIL...1Cor.15:25-27. God opened the Chest at Creation and now watch closely...perhaps you thought when Christ ascended that He was "in place" so to speak. I see the cover of the tool box closing...but wait...has everything been returned? It HAS to be. No...the climatic event of all times is unfolding before our very spiritual eyes! Jesus Christ is getting in! He really is! 1Cor.15:28. And in we go because we are one with Him..."in Christ." God smiles...closes the lid...dusts His hands and says ..."IT IS REALLY FINISHED!" Rev.21:6. My initial command of multiplication has been executed, the resulting produce harvested and we are all ONE as before the foundation of the world.