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Powerful Stuff

This is easy to drink...but it should get you going for the day.

It's simple: The devil OVER-POWERS you, but Jesus EM-POWERS you.

Think about it. Anything the devil wants you to do is like a sledge hammer on the crown of your head. Do drugs, commit immoral sin, lie, cheat, sow discord, hate your brother. He overpowers you...using darts like discouragement, problems of this world, stress, fear, pride, anger, and oppression. He feels like a heavy weight on you and it wears you down and out.

Jesus, on the other hand, empowers. He works from within with heaven-sent encouragement to do what is right and to do His will. He lifts you up, and you can feel a weight being lifted off of you instead of bearing down on you. He said His burden is light - like a piece of paper or a feather...the load of being like Him is easy. There's an old expression that states, "If you serve God hard, it's easy...if you serve Him easy, it's hard."

Jesus works within us so we can produce fruit. He encourages us in a small voice to love and be good and gentle. He tells us quietly to take a step back and be temperate and patient. He shows us His daily miracles to grow our faith. He calms us and makes us meek and teachable. And, no matter how violent the storm around us, His inner work of peace can calm any storm. We become something He can use.

The devil whacks us over the head with troubles and spins us like a top...then he stands back and laughs as the spin slows and we topple over, badly in need of repair and uplifting.

So, when you feel pressure and an overpowerment to do something you don't like, and it gives you that uncomfortable feeling, and know you shouldn't be doing it, recognize that it's not God pushing you in that direction. Pause for a moment and look inside you for the quiet urging to do what is right...that's the Lord's empowerment working in you...follow that voice instead.