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The King of Hearts

Once upon a time, sauntering through life, you heard it. The quiet call of the spirit, that compelled the voice of your heart to cry out in response. An illumination of your mind spawned the realization; there was a conclusive purpose for your existence. The fog began to dissipate in the light of the Son. You looked up just in time to see a strong arm reaching to relieve you of the cares that weighed you down. The tender roots, of a desire to follow your heart, eased their way into your being. Love was surrounding and protecting your every move towards this new and exciting spiritual realm. You had just seen Him for the first time.

You become aware that this physical body can actually house a spiritual kingdom. The spirit of grandeur and excellence touch you, and you long for this reign to be established. The eye of faith is now causing the obscure to focus. There is a foundation for you to build on, and the building materials are supplied. Unlimited help is available, along with a blueprint. You have just been invited to be a Kingdom Builder, a vital part of a master plan. The purpose is not to elevate self. It is to bring Glory to the King. Matthew 24:14

As with any large endeavor, there is a progressive order involved in the construction. There is a reason you see many unfinished projects along the road of life. Someone did not read the fine print in the instructions. There is also a necessary ingredient called encouragement that comes from other builders. This is a communal effort. The King of Hearts rules a very large kingdom with room for all. He makes it very plain that HE wants none left out.

There are accounts of three kings, which give us examples of the stages we all must go through. We will not look at the man, but rather at the reign itself. Let’s dub Saul the King of Spades. His foundational kingdom would be the Egypt experience of our lives. His name means asked of God. He was called upon to create a kingdom. He was not a good soldier, this was a new thing and he was inexperienced. He had a problem following instructions and could be counted a spiritual failure. We all have to experience Egypt, but there is hope if we will keep walking. We have to move on, we need a deliverer. If you are a seasoned traveler, you will sense that we are about to jump from the proverbial frying pan into the fire! The blueprint is about to be revealed.

The reign of David, the King of Clubs, seemed like one continuous battle. The wilderness experience of our lives is a painfully, maturing process. The sufferings of this present time, however, are not even comparable to the Glory that will come out of it. This setting up and expanding the spiritual kingdom can at times seem endless. You are not imagining things; you will pass by the same places repeatedly. God patiently gives you the same test until you pass it. His concern is not your failures, but rather your victories. There are a lot of positives about the wilderness. Your needs are supplied. Your faith has an opportunity to exercise and become strong. Most importantly, you are introduced to the Ark of the Covenant, and the Mercy Seat. You learn that God is with you. David means beloved warrior, and this is where your personal relationship with God is developed.

It gets better! Solomon the peaceful does come to the throne. The King of Diamonds is in a land of plenty. We are invited to cross the Jordan into the promised-land. This could be the biggest misconception of our spiritual walk. Don’t stop walking! We have entered into rest but don’t sit down! There are always deeper depths and higher heights in God. He has given us this secure environment so that we can establish the kingdom. The only things that can hinder us now are the lies of the enemy. He will try to get you to go back across Jordan to set up camp (some did.) He will try to convince you that you are not where you think you are in your walk. He will assure you that the blessings are not for you. He can only work in our mind that is why we need the mind of Christ. There were some people in the Kingdom of Solomon, who had been carryovers from the reign of David. These lives were symbolic of the things that must be removed in order to establish the kingdom. They represented attitudes that are unacceptable to God. Proverbs 6:16. Adonijah, the brother of Solomon, had the spirit of this world. His pride caused him to feel that he should be king. Joab was replaced for the shedding of innocent blood, and Shemai for cursing David. There are things which God hates that cannot be a part of the established kingdom. Proverbs 24:3&4 says: “through wisdom is a house built and by understanding, it is established.” One of the replacements of these men is Zadok, whose name means righteous. The kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. This Kingdom is the realm in which Gods reign is experienced. The sovereign rule of God was manifest in Christ to defeat His enemies. We are in a secure Kingdom, where we can focus, and receive revelation. We are seated with Christ in power and authority.

It is possible to be in the land and not be in possession of the blessings. II Peter 1:12, be established in the "present" truth. The present truth is that we have all that we need right now. The spiritual mentality that sometimes exists is that the washer and dryer are installed, but I am happy to do my laundry by hand in the sink. Some never utilize all the conveniences that are “in” the house. Once you are aware of all you possess, get out of the house. All of the beauty of God’s creation awaits you. You have neighbors, and they need you. Share the great wealth the King has blessed you with. There is a car in your driveway, experience that! There is freedom in Christ, drive to the airport, park and fly! There is a big world to be enjoyed, and there is no limit. Be transported in the spirit to the exceeding, abundantly, above all we can ask or think realm – according to the riches of His Glory. We are very rich, know that, and shake off the underprivileged concept.

Venture out, there are no dimensions to Almighty God. Know Him; experience Him in the magnitude of His greatness. Bathe in His Majesty; wrap yourself in His Holiness. Completeness and wholeness are in Him. Let it be said that you are steadfast, unmovable, enduring, and faithful. Be encouraged; the fine print says “establish yourself.” Take possession of what Christ has purchased for you. Be all heart in the Kingdom of Hearts.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.