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A Hearty Brew

Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if your heart was removed and replaced with the heart of Jesus?

Ask yourself these questions:

"Would my wife be able to tell a difference between me before and after the heart transplant? Would she notice I had Jesus' heart? How different would I be?"

"Would my husband notice any difference in me if I had the heart of Christ?"

"What about my kids? Would they be able to tell? Or my parents? Would they see a difference?"

"What about the poor? Would they notice a difference in me if I switched my heart with Christ's?"

"What about my customers or clients that my company serves? What about the cashier at the drive-through? What about the police officer who stops my car? What about the family member who no one seems to get along with? Would he or she notice? What about the people I minister to? Could they tell? What about the IRS? What about the telemarketer that calls just as I sit down to dinner with my family?"

Jesus said that people would know those who are His by their love, one for another. God is love. If we possessed His heart, I believe we would love like He loves. If, in fact, we call ourselves Christians or people after God's own heart, I hope the people around us wouldn't be able to tell that we had a heart transplant. Hopefully our heart, and the heart of God are similar in purpose.

I hope that my wife and kids wouldn't notice if suddenly my heart was exchanged with Christ's. I pray that my heart is not that different from His.