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New Year's Blend

The Oldest Known "Fertility Drug"

We too can be found with child of the Holy Ghost! Matt 1:18. Impregnate: to make fertile or fill or charge with some other substance.

Christ was made of a woman...made under the law, Gal 4:14, for the purpose that we might become adopted sons through faith and receive the INTEREST on our inheritance (as sons)..."the Spirit of the Son" in our hearts. Eph 1:13.

Mary had the best of both worlds then, not to mention the world to come! She experienced the indwelling of the body of the Son under the dispensation of LAW...a one-time only experience...and the indwelling of the Spirit of the Son under the dispensation of Grace. Incomprehensible! Acts 1:14.

God's message remains fruitful and multiply...replenish the earth. His mission was to bring many sons unto Glory. Multiple births please Him. He loves His children. His house is HUGE...always room for one more.

Is your pregnancy visible? Are you "showing" yet? CHRIST IN YOU. Col.1:27. A great question of self-examination as we enter the new year would be, "How far along are you?" Gal.4:19. 'Till Christ be formed in you...don't neglect your gift. Nourish it so that you will become like Him. Feeling His heartbeat...seeing through His eyes (catching His vision)...extending His compassion and forgiveness. He needs you to nurture others. Lets make this year one of total commitment. May we all be productive and reproductive, impregnated by the Holy Ghost.