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Miracle Beans

The Elements of a Miracle

The donor, the administrator and the recipient.

In every situation, in order to see a miracle, SOMEONE must provide SOMETHING for God to use. Interestingly enough, all He asks for is what we are already in posession of! In order for it to be multiplied to overwhelming proportions, it must be placed in His hands. He is the Creator AND the Isaiah 42:8 He says "My Glory will I not give to another." He does not ask us for more than we have, or for something different from what we have. He does, however, ask us for ALL that we have.

The donor invariably becomes a recipient, because miracles by their very nature are colossal and cannot help but encompass the whole. Did the little boy who gave his lunch give only part? Was he left hungry that day while everyone else was satisfied? The magnitude of the miracle is felt in equal proportion by the donor AND the recipient. You cannot submit TO God or acquire FROM God and not be extremely Blessed BY God!

From whatever angle you perceive the miracle..."HE" is all that can be seen. He is the author and administrator...He does the work...we reap the benefits. When we believe God...we act. When we act...He acts. When He acts...a supernatural occurence for humanity to marvel at is always the result!

Take a moment to think of all the miracles He has performed in your life. If you received a healing, you presented Him with a sickness. If you were given gave Him your storm. Get the concept? The list would be endless. What do you need today? If you know that, then you will know what contribution you need to make in order to receive! It's really that simple.