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Pure Maternal Blend

This is for all of you who belong to the natural adoption triad. Especially for those of you who know Him. It is so beautiful to understand what is contained in this writing and how important these things are in the eyes of God. He really cares - so much so that He incorporated the idea into His Almighty Plan.

To you from the 50's and 60's, a time of misunderstanding on the part of every segment of society, inflicting untold pain and baggage too heavy to be carried by any human, take heart and be encouraged ...for to many of you - like Mary - these things have to be hidden in your from criticism and the fear of rejection.

May God strengthen you and keep you as you look at the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus....the worlds #1 Birth-mom and her emotional roller-coaster. The JOY..of being chosen, the FEAR of Joseph's reaction, the room in this world for her and her baby, the TERROR of having to hide in Egypt, the SADNESS...she kept all these things and pondered them in her heart, the KNOWING she would have to relinquish Him to His birth-Father,the REJECTION...watching Him from a distance...feeling like a stranger to Him as He consistently put His Father's wishes above all else(including her's). She was proud...yet TORN...immensely over the separation and then the inevitable and indescribable heart-wrenching pain of watching her first-born Son die.

I am happy to say this is not the end of the story. From the miracle at Cana and before until Resurrection morning...Mary carried in her heart a "spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him" Eph.1:17. She KNEW...oh, she didn't talk about it, but she knew Him intimately. NOTHING could separate her from His love.

The joy and excitement on resurrection morning must have been overwhelming, but bitter-sweet because He had to leave her again, but not without hope - His very own Spirit within her. What comfort! Do you suppose it reminded her of when she carried Him inside of her?

Now here is the invitation of all invitations.....and this does not have to be kept a secret! You, yes YOU, are invited to be on hand for their re-union! I personally can't wait (I already replied to my invitaion and received confirmation!)

See you there! Its gonna be AWESOME.