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L'Histoire d'Adoption

I hope the word "history" doesn't turn you off!

The history of adoption and the biblical references become illuminated with this information so give it a read if the subject interests you.

Paul the Apostle is the one who speaks of adoption, probably because he was so familiar with the law - in particular "the Roman law of sonship." The legal situation of a son in Roman times was little better than a slave. He was PROPERTY that could be sold,adopted or even killed. The adopted son was equal to one born in the family. He could no longer inherit from the birth-father (especially good news in the spiritual sense) - he was essentially dead to the old family.

God sent His Son to be born UNDER THE LAW into human condition.Gal.4:1-3. The purpose...To REDEEM. We were not merely children who needed to grow up, but rather slaves of sin who needed redemption. We needed to be bought out of bondage to a new family that Christ brought into being by His death and resurrection.

Adoption expresses redemption and new relations of trust and love. It is shown spiritually from slavery to sonship and heirship. Rom.8:1-14. Adoption is more than a matter of position or status. When God adopts us He puts His spirit within us. He becomes Lord of our lives. Rom.8:23 takes us one step further in talking about our ultimate hope. Our spirit has been made alive, but we long for the release from the limitations of our body...let your imagination loose on that one!

As sons of God we enjoy the "interest" of our future inheritance! We cannot imagine the things He has prepared for those who love Him.