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Wholly Drinkable

There is a great difference between the person who attends church religiously or goes through the motions of acting like Christ (that is to say, Christian) and the person who has Christ living in him and allows Christ to work through him. There's a difference between being called a "Christian" and living the Christ-life. Obviously, there should be a huge gap between being in the world, loving this world, and being a "worldly" person, and being a true Christian.

The Bible says we are to be holy as He (God) is holy. We are intended to be separate from the world concept. We are not to be pressed into the mold of this world. Holiness means something different than what it has been made into by men turning the doctrine of God into the commandment of men. Holiness has so much more to do with mind and spirit. Holiness has been incorrectly considered a visible characteristic. We have been guilty of judging holiness by what we can see. Holiness is what occurs on the inside when you become separate from this world. True holiness is a change of agenda. Holiness affects the reason you do what you do. If you think right, obviously you will dress right. Dressing right does not make you holy. Thinking right makes you holy. Modesty is a result of holiness.

There is more to being separate and living holy than what we see. If you don't have the new life in you, you're missing out on the new covenant. It has to be in you...a will to be holy because you love the Lord and have relationship. Let your outward products be a result of an inward change that only He can make.