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Peace in a Tea Cup

Peace is at its best in the midst of struggle. In peace is freedom and quietness. Individuals are free to create their own "external" peace, by eliminating as much as possible, the things which disturb. I may, for example, withdraw from the mainstream of life, with its currents and antagonisms, into the peaceful cove of stoicism - only to find that self-induced peace is very much irrelevant, artificial and non-meaningful. Now there lies a peace which is ultra-disquieting! In other words, not peace at all.

Conclusively the price for peace is this: A sure knowledge of WHAT I am supposed to do and to DO IT regardless of the consequences. It is almost amusing to imagine that you could be traveling upstream without adversity. To simplify it...EVERYTHING, TOTAL, is against you...externally, but you have a purpose, a goal, an internal drive resulting from a long-range vision of what CAN be and a rock-solid foundation of what has BEEN. You KNOW and you are CONFIDENT, therefore you are CALM. YOU ARE AT PEACE.