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Pere Decaf

Welcome! You're back. You're looking great today. C'mon in and kick back.

I made a little joke about fathers when I served your last cup of decaf and here's the downside. I would like to tell you about our heavenly Father, but some of us can't relate because we have not had a positive experience with our earthly's hard for us to trust.

So, let's look the other direction to our children. We KNOW how much we love them and would do for them...and He loves us sooo much more!

If you cannot put yourself in the picture yet, I pray there has been someone in your life who has been kind and gained your trust so that you can make this connection. It is really helpful to have someone on earth that can give you that visual image of "Christ-like." We can't see Him, so that is special faith, and God Himself said we are blessed if we can love Him...not having seen Him.

Here, take my hand...I want to pray with you right now.

"Father, I ask that You will give a spirit of understanding to those who would wish to know you intimately. We are Your pride and joy when we come to tell You that we love You simply because of Who You are. Draw us all closer in the comfort of Your big, strong arms...thanks." is so nice to have the fellowship of friends...oh no...a warm and fuzzy attack!

Just before you go, remember the visual image? Since God is a Spirit, He was so mindful of us that He came here in flesh so we could see Him (at least some did!). We needed a mediator between us and God so there He is...Jesus...the light-switch. :) Jesus even said that "you can't get to the Father but by me." All the things we, mercy, understanding - all of it is found in Him.

I sure hope you had a cup of my previous decaf served, or you must think by now I've had too much coffee!

Take care. I'm preparing the filter for another pot, so come in again soon.