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She twisted in aggravation at the invasion of her space, resembling a child striving to get its own way. Darkness mumbled to herself in discontent. DARKNESS, the substance so versatile that it could infiltrate every shape of space imaginable, had been confronted. From the beginning of time, Darkness had reluctantly observed a time-share with Light. Darkness was a proud force and this restriction did not satisfy her needs. God had set the boundaries and it had been liveable until now.

She grumbled as she moved about. I don't know what this is. I can't even get close enough to find out. I used to have my turn with the world. It would seem that something "spiritual" has superseded the very course of nature. Whatever this "new light" is, I cannot withstand its power. The "darkness He called night" felt violated. Something had changed!

Through the ages, there had been moments of relief in the hearts of men, when darkness had to recede. Like the ocean wave, it returned again, to cover and tear away the patterns in the sand. Now in the fullness of time, the eternal generator had, in one sweeping move, penetrated the darkness by manifesting in flesh. The very Glory of God had forsaken eternity to enter a specific time and an appointed place. From there, it radiated around the entire earth, igniting believing hearts, until the whole earth was full of His Glory. In Him there is no darkness at all.

Darkness fled quicker than the speed of light. There was nowhere to hide. Abounding Grace immediately overpowered the few attempts she made to lodge in pockets of humanity. The "new broom" of Grace swept very clean. The hiding places provided by the mystery-shrouded law were exposed. The eyes of man's understanding were now enlightened. There was no turning back. The kingdom of darkness, so typified by our physical night, was now on display in the reality of what it was. The infinite magnet of light was drawing the hearts of all men. Darkness had been rendered powerless by the Blood of the Lamb.

In her haste she stumbled over a revelation, and caught one fleeting glance at the message. Addressed to mankind by God himself, it read in part, "there shall be no night there." With a huge sigh of resignation, Darkness cried, "I guess I won’t be back."