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The Camping Trip

If you live in a city, it is especially nice to get in touch with the beautiful creation of God by way of camping. The very word conjures images of both serenity and excitement. In this regard, angels are no different. They love to go camping. They come from a big city and delight in visiting God’s country! Their favorite campgrounds are located in areas where they feel a respect for the creator. That is actually the number one priority in determining whether or not they will stay around. God’s special creation (man) generates a unique show of interest on their part, and included in their job description is a mandate to carefully watch over this most interesting production. They will get so close as to erect a tent of protection over an individual whose heart is reaching upward.

They are on a mission. As the law enforcement of earth seek out the criminals, the angels of the Lord, are constantly searching out we country-folk who are looking for a city. They constitute the real “ super-national guard, “ the angels who deliver us from danger of which we are frequently unaware. Occasionally we are conscious of the fact that we have been protected and delivered. We are made aware that on our own we were incapable of getting out of the situation. It is in these times that we are reminded that we are not alone. The secret service agents of our heavenly home are on duty, watchful and aggressive in our protection.

They move with the speed of the light-source from which they come, removing us from danger. No natural laws apply. The dimensions or weight of their objective do not need to be calculated. A plane, car, or an individual is dealt with equally. They respond to one thing only, and that is a heart turned towards God. They prefer to camp, but do answer “911” calls in an attempt to create an awareness in all men that you can live with this protection. God loves us so much, He is hoping that the one who has been helped in an emergency, whether physical or financial, will seek out the deliverer, the healer, or the financial “blesser.”

They enjoy hanging out with us because they can witness the result of the great plan of salvation first hand. The mystery of God revealed to us through the resurrection of Christ. They are very curious as to how this works. How an awakening in the heart of man to an awareness of God can totally change his life. They have this thing about “being there.” From their panoramic location they made the worlds greatest birth announcement. They had front row seats to observe resurrection power. Can you imagine the conversation after Christ left the tomb? (Angel at the head) “Wow did you see that? This man was brought in here a natural body and He left here a spiritual body. He is now able to go into the “heavenlies.” We’ll be seeing a lot of Him.” (Angel at the foot) “ Yes, for sure, but why do I feel that there is a lot more than “meets the eye” going on here. Did you see that look on His face? Like a man in love about to take on a bride. Now there’s a celebration requiring the best seats in the house.”

Sorry about the interruption in the writing, they kind of got carried away and took over the conversation. As I was saying, when someone saves your life you long to thank them, preferably in person. It happens daily in the spirit world around us. God is waiting for you to search Him out.