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The Gift Pack

Adam and Eve required a wants to observe sin ! At that point God gave us a shadow of the real. He involved Blood to "cover" them, but it was the "blood of bulls and goats." The band-aid was in place. It was sufficient for the time but never allowed them to be restored to the point of removing the covering, to allow communion with God as before.

The veil (that is to say the flesh) had reduced God's creation to despair...the spirit had died...but wait...stirring within man was a force to be reckoned with...a seed planted...the principle of death producing life.

From deep inside Faith began to grow...ever reaching and searching. Adam savored Mercy, Noah tasted Grace...appetizers that caused Abraham to throw caution to the wind and "look for a city." Moses invested in "no-risk" stocks...his treasures were safe above. They did not receive the promise but understood and were confident that it existed.

So the plan of God unfolded. He needed to deal with the flesh and remove the veil. He required a much higher quality of stain-remover. A multi-purpose SOUL-ution. And so He came...a package deal from eternity past. A "gift-wrapped" in flesh...a power-pac of life-giving restoration, powered by the blood and revealed in the "present." It was impressively designed and it accomplished all objectives with an open-end policy that extended to eternity future...full circle. We have been blessed beyond all dispensations. Our spirits have been made alive.

We can come boldly in a restored state to our Father, through the DOOR (Jesus Christ). If you are searching it's the one with the Blood of the Lamb on it (you can't miss it!). Come on in...everything your weary heart longs for is in here and its FREE.