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Convo Cafe

Little else goes with a good cup of coffee as does a meaningful conversation. Most people have at least someone they can talk to about things...from every day matters to the intimate details of the heart. As a result of these conversations, a relationship is established. As anyone is well aware, a relationship without communication is headed nowhere.

The same is true with some of the most important conversations you'll have in this life, and they are with the Lord. It is interesting how so many people ceremonialize this communication, turn it into an event, and set aside absolute time slots for it. They change the sound of their voice and bellow out their lines like the lead role in a Broadway musical. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, I wonder if He lowered His voice and used the King's English? I think not. Neither in His example did He repeat Himself over and over as if He could not think of anything further to say. I would assume He spoke plainly, as if in conversation (a novel idea), with His disciples. This is how I like to regard a time of prayer as well (not in any way diminishing its significance or sanctity) - as a conversation with a family member or best friend, which to me, He is.

There are those who's prayer life is religiously rising with the roosters and pacing a worn track on a carpet in some sanctuary, and they have coined phrases that they repeat plentifully. True conversation with the Maker of All Things at this point has been relegated to a "work" or a ritual. I have found that in order to have relationships of any substance with those around me, especially my wife, I have to not only say things in a normally accepted manner, but I have to listen too. This is how a prayer life should exist.

There is no time limitation on prayer. It can be short or long and is entirely up to the person who desires to talk to God. What matters about prayer is that you do it, and if you haven't, it's worth a try.

Prayer is wonderful. It's all about real love, a relationship, listening, and a heart for meaningful communication. So many folks miss out on the listening part. It's never fun sitting at a coffee house having just one person do all the talking. Interaction makes the relationships so much more meaningful. If you pause in your time with Him and listen, there are many great things to hear to help you on your way each day.

So, take some time every day, and throughout the day, whenever you feel like it, and have a meaningful conversation with One who is always there to listen. It could be on the way to work, on your lunch break, or with your family in the evening.

He's there for you to talk to and He welcomes your conversation any time. Think of it as having coffee with a very close friend, only this One owns the shop, the city, the country, and He made those little beans we love to grind in the morning so we can wake up and have a meaningful conversation with SOMEONE.