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Giving Birth To The Antichrist

Come take a spiritual journey with me today! Let us travel to that secret place deep inside. The place of organized conscious and unconscious activity, the mind, where great things are conceived!

From the beginning of the foundation of the world, the plan of God included Jesus Christ. The restoration process would take place, and man would then be capable of correct thinking. The choice would still be ours, but the laws of God would no longer be external, He would put them in our mind. This ability would in turn give birth to great things, both naturally and spiritually.

It is like God gave us another Eden to dress and keep. Our first instruction is to love the Lord with our entire mind. We are then counseled to renew our mind, and choose to have the mind of Christ, which will enhance us with many Godly attributes. It should be a pleasant task to seek out the proper seed and to water and nourish the tender plants. It is equally important to watch for things need to be removed before they destroy.

God does not look after the garden of our mind. He does however give us all the help and instruction that we need to have successful green thumbs!

When Jesus left this earth, His plan was that we would believe Him, and as His body, give birth to the things we would conceive.

The opposite of this beautiful plan is also at work in our world. It also works in the spirit of our mind. It was alive and well in the days of the early Christians. John said there were “many" antichrists. We as Christians are “many” showing forth Christ. The Word of God makes it a spiritual thing by saying that every spirit that does not believe that Jesus came in the flesh is representing the spirit of antichrist. You either embrace and believe that Jesus is the Christ or you are antichrist.

Jesus simply said, “he that is not with me is against me.”

I want my mind to be a healthy place that can transfer things to my heart and cause my conversation or lifestyle to give glory to my Creator and Savior. I am not interested in giving birth to the antichrist!