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Yoo Hoo! Where Are You?

Have you ever noticed how many questions God asks in Scripture? It seems to be one of His favorite methods of teaching and student self-examination. Instead of giving an answer directly to the one asking, He commonly responded with a question that encouraged the person to find the answer on their own. When I was teaching school, I used this technique often. It correlates with the old adage that if you give a man a fish he will eat and be filled, but if you teach a man to fish he will never go hungry. If a student can draw his own conclusions under the guidance of a teacher, his knowledge will be rooted in both information and wisdom.

There are two questions that God asks in the Bible that seem to be His theme throughout all of Scripture. These questions happen to be the very first two questions that God ever asks to mankind, and their significance can be seen continually in His Word. The first question God ever asked was "Adam, where are you?" God knew the answer to the question.and He wasn't referring to Adam's location. An all-knowing God needed not to ask where Adam was physically. He was trying to give revelation to Adam in His query. It seems that God was really asking, "Adam, where are you? You have sinned and now look where you are? You are not in that place that I originally planned for you. You are no longer in that 'cool-of-the-day,' open, and communicative relationship with Me." And so God asks us all through history, and today, "Where are you?"

The second question God asks is directed to Cain, very shortly after he killed his brother Abel. "Where is your brother?" God knew the answer to this as well, but again He was not searching a location, but He was getting Cain to realize he had violated the responsibility to be his brother's keeper.

Through these two simple questions that we see God ask mankind in its initial stages, we see what His concerns are for us throughout all of time. "Where are you?" and "Where is your brother?" Truly these sum up our existence in the kingdom. By looking at where we are, we can see if we are in right relationship with our Maker. By looking at where our brother is and how we have treated him, we can see if we are in right relationship with those around us.

God's Word flows together so beautifully. It is a tapestry that all the imaginations of men combined could not fabricate. Consider with me how these two questions that God asks tie in so nicely with His summation of all the Law. "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself." Sounds familiar, doesn't it? "Where are you, and where is your brother?"

If we can keep these questions of God before us, we can readily check where we are in Him. By asking ourselves where we are, we will always be aware of our need of Him, our refusal to commit sin that would cause separation, and whether or not our relationship with Him is right. By asking ourselves where our brother is, we will be perpetually aware of how we are treating our God-given family, endeavoring to uphold peace, and we will not have a desire to "kill" our brother spiritually. So, ask yourself today, "Where am I?" and "Where is my brother?" Do you know? Would God be pleased with the results of your examination? Love the Lord and love your brother. It seems quite simple, doesn't it? And it is. And so God asks again as He did in the beginning, "Where are you?" and "Where is your brother?"