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The Creator Created

Once upon the fullness of time, God made a baby. A new covenant was being instituted, and a new book being written. Before this could happen the author had to be formed. He had to feel and experience the things that would recounted, examined and lived by through generations. The very creator was about to be created. This would differ from the original creation in which mature things appeared from nothing. The Eternal Word was about to be formed and made into something spectacular. This Holy creation was a one of a kind, with absolute purpose.

This was the first creation that was helpless, dependent, and immature. This was a baby, nurtured in the very womb of forgiveness. This one was covered and protected by mercy “made of a woman.” Mary was on the cutting edge of grace and truth. What a God, who would include humanity in the reproduction of redemption. This was the most amazing and intricate work of all, and yet the sweet simplicity of the Christ-child seeps into our hearts with a warmth and tenderness that is irresistible. Who could ever pass by a pure white, soft and cuddly little lamb?

Almighty God is so desirous of our relationship with Him, that He allows us the privilege of knowing Him from birth. He gives us time to develop an intimate relationship as we grow with Him and ultimately in Him.

The Old Testament deals with maturity. The woman took into her body the final product of a fruit-bearing tree. It symbolized the end of her former relationship with God. The eyes of her understanding were enlightened to evil. Her spirit withered and died as it was overcome with the spirit of disobedience. The New Testament returns us to innocence. In the woman is planted a seed, a seed of hope. Her spirit begins to rejoice in God her Savior. This incarnation becomes a living illustration of Christ and the Church. God was with man in the Old Testament. He is now in, with a sacred union that forever unites Him to His most cherished creation, man. There can be separation when something is external, but never again when God intimately chooses to be in us. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The Son of God was not stillborn. The Son of man was far from lifeless. Through this coming together of God and man, He was able to take on all of the elements of separation and deal with them. With that first inhalation and subsequent cry, He became one of us. No Glory here, just a promise. The seed has life in itself, watch closely as it grows. There is no death or sin found here. He came to destroy death of the spirit, which causes separation. Because He is life, He can submit to death and live again. His positional statement went like this: "I will take upon me the dead spirit of man. I will arise with possession of the original spirit that was initially breathed into man. Only then can my spirit be distributed into the hearts of all men. It has to be the spirit of life."

He who came in the “form of God,” and the “likeness of man” Philippians 2:6&7 did so that we who are in the form of man can be born again in the likeness of God. Adam was created in the likeness of God. The image of God we retained, but the unity of our spirits was destroyed. It was the eternal purpose of God to restore our spirit. That is why He manifested in the flesh and was justified in the spirit, 1Timothy 3:16.

Jesus told His friends, the disciples, that if he didn’t go away or (give His life), the spirit would be unable to come. There were many that were raised from the dead and were the same as before, dead men walking. This man was made a quickening spirit 1 Corinthians 15:45. He was able to destroy him who had the power of death, Hebrews 2:14, and set us free. There is a law; it is not a theory, but an absolute. It is the law of the spirit of life, Romans 8:2. We have a promise that if we will join ourselves to the Lord, we can again be one spirit. I Corinthians 6:17

This baby grew and He really did “take after” His Father. He walked like Him, He talked like Him. He even looked like Him. When Jesus was old enough to look in a mirror, He saw something in that reflection that brought back memories. The feelings were so intense, that the will of His Father became the center of His very existence. His determination was fierce. Nothing would ever stand in the way of His divine purpose. At some point He realized He had His Fathers eyes. He had experienced His Father’s hands in healing, His voice in creation of food for the multitudes, His power in the forgiving of sins…but His eyes! He just couldn’t seem to keep His eyes from focusing on the end result. There was no temptation or distraction that could get His attention, He was very far-sighted. No price was too great; the very thought of the Glory to come was all the analgesic He needed to ease the pain of the cross. The joy that was ever present ”set before Him, ”balanced the agony and subdued the shame. What on earth did He see? Nothing! What He saw was you and I seated together with Him powerful and victorious.

The second Adam was about His Father’s business of replenishing the earth, the responsibility of bringing many sons to glory. He was going to have His bride, just like the first Adam. This Author and finisher of our faith loved us so much, that He came to this earth, this one our feet are on, and defeated our enemy. Are you aware that our enemy is powerless? In a moment of complete desperation, the enemy hurled the last hand grenade he possessed at the cross. When you are out of ammunition, you are without power. Jesus came out of the tomb victorious. We share in all that He accomplished.

What a bonus, we get to live on the same earth as the first and second Adam, and our adversary knows that he is a loser. Grab a mirror and take a long look! Do you see any resemblance to your Father? If the likeness is only slight, get into the Word. His word are spirit and life, John 6:63 The Word will quicken you and make you alive unto God. It will allow you to live your life in a new dimension...Spiritually Creative.