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The Spiritual Thermometer

A central concept of thermodynamics is an object (matter) in relationship with its imperturbable environment. There is a kinship between finite and infinite. You can actually tell how things are going to be in every-day life by watching your spiritual thermometer. If we truly understand that our carnal advancement and success depends on the health and well being of our inner man, we will check on him frequently and with consistent regularity. Often, we wait for life’s situations to decline, and often get out of control, before we do a reality check to determine the root of the problem. Surprise! It is not our surroundings, not the people, not things, not even the circumstances...just "me" out of balance without enough spiritual strength to generate a proper reaction for today. We need to be in possession of the persuasion of Romans 8:38. The enemy deceives us into thinking that we have neither the time nor the energy to fill our spiritual "tank," when in truth all that is required is "Father I need you today." A relationship with God that causes us to be "filled with the knowledge of His will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding" just makes for a better day! John gives us a clue as to how this works in 3rd John Chapter 2. I pray that "proportionately" you will prosper physically as you prosper spiritually. So what does that mean to me? My spiritual health should be my number one priority. The importance of our ears cannot be over-emphasized "he that has an ear let him hear" because listening to our own tongue is how we take our spiritual temperature. Traditionally the thermometer was placed under the tongue. Modern technology uses an instrument in the ear. This is an interesting correlation. We need to hear what we are saying and consequently what others are hearing! Physically listen so that we can spiritually discern. We owe it to our inner man to check his temperature and make sure he is healthy. The best way to do that is to listen. When we speak, our attitude, (the mercury indicator), rises according to the well being of our spirit. If we are full of the Love of God, encouraging, positive, warm and kind words will be emitted. If we are carnally cold, we will be negative, bitter impatient and uncaring. There is a poignant chapter in the Bible that paints a very striking picture of this. So clear and vivid are the colors, so plain the message that we tend to move on to more subtle and subdued pastel topics. Humanity is exposed in James chapter 3. It gives us a good checklist: What kind of water is coming from my fountain? Is it sweet, refreshing and drinkable? Or has the creator already passed by and erected a warning sign. "Contaminated water." Do thirsty travelers on this road of life discuss your well and say it’s not dependable? "You never know how it will be...sometimes sweet…sometimes bitter…definitely not consistent. Perhaps we should by-pass this one if we are really in need." Consider the hungry passer-by, looking for nourishment and thinking, "that’s a strange plant. What kind of fruit is that?" You know that sometimes the fruit really looks appetizing and other times it’s obviously not going to pass inspection and be marketable. For example, our thermometer is not giving a proper reading if we say we love God but not our brother. We are part of a body ministry, one with each other "IN CHRIST." This temperature gauge that we have, called the tongue, is small but mighty, capable of destroying our effectiveness. Matthew 15:10-11. A real good time to listen in is when we are talking to coworkers or family members. Sometimes in familiar territory we justify bad attitudes, reserving the sweet waters for new acquaintances. Remember it’s "out of the abundance of the heart " that we speak. It’s the overflow valve. Luke 6:45. If you are hearing yourself and you don't like what you are hearing, get in contact with the water treatment center located at the cross of Christ. Don't allow yourself to forget. Commune with Him. Recognize that we can't but He can.

Keeping the "tree" in the "water" makes us acceptable. Exodus 15:25. We cannot make ourselves better (we cease from our labor Hebrews 4:10) we pursue getting to "Know Him,” fall in love with Him, and make Him our focus. Jesus saw the tree and beyond. Hebrews 12:2. We can be confident that all we do and say will be edifying if it is He and not we. We are maturing. An artery is a tubular vessel; we are to be moving, living containers of the Spirit. If our temperature is dangerously low and we need warming, we only need get in the "Son,” our Daystar that warms the world. II Peter 1:19.

According to the laws of thermodynamics we can be in thermal equilibrium, simply by drawing near. The Spirit will flow from Him to us until we are like Him. God is constant .He does not change .He is the source. He can give out without it affecting His temperature. Important for us to always realize, initially we are containers, and our goal is to be channels. We have a treasure in these vessels. We can bless others, but must be receiving in order to give out. Sometimes we are not balanced, we give more than we have received, and we find ourselves drained and empty. Be mindful if the situation we are in is demanding, we need a lot of time-out for refueling. Logic tells us that the demand cannot exceed the supply! However, with growth and maturity we become channels through which the Holy Spirit flows in an endless quantity...a totally different concept. It comes through knowing Him. When our relationship with Him is balanced we share certain properties. "If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwell in you", it will make us alive unto God and dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ. To be an effectively functioning body, we have to be one with Him and through Him, one with each other...that is a law of thermodynamics!

People who want a suntan get in the sun, and when you do it shows! This has the same effect spiritually. Acts 4:13. It was evident that they had been with Jesus. They exhibited power and wisdom. Knowing these were ordinary men incapable of such a high degree of excellence, the "hearers" were amazed. Let your light so shine. People will see and give Glory to God. Jesus was gone but He was being seen, and heard, and felt simply by ordinary people having faith in His Name, (His Plan exactly!). Their approach was simple, they told what they had seen and heard, what followed was that when they prayed things happened, when they spoke The Word it was with boldness. They were in unity of heart and soul, and the result was that they experienced great power and great grace. Be aware of technical difficulties such as Matthew 15:8. He doesn't want robotics but rather aerobics.