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Where There is Death There is Hope

Adam and Eve had little to hope for. The spirit in them was dead. They were existing physically, but now had a terrible void. They were enveloping the supreme emptiness that only the soul that was separated from God could know. The promises they had were from the enemy. The wisdom they had received was of this world, and their eyes had been blinded to spiritual things. The promise of deliverance had been given, but they didn’t understand. Symbolic blood had been shed to make them coverings. Sadly, it meant nothing. Mercy had been extended when they were expelled from the Garden. (Had they then eaten of the Tree of Life, they would have lived eternally in that state.) They, however, thought they had been punished. God loved them so much that He gave them a preview of Grace. The Great Plan had been set in motion.

We read about the curse, and miss the real message. God always offers hope to His special creation. Had they been able to comprehend, the message was clear, even illustrated in Genesis 3:15. There is one coming who will be born of a woman and will destroy the enemy by the shedding of blood, for without it there is no remission of sin. Hebrews 9:22. Through that death mercy will be made available. My Plan will come together when mercy and truth meet.

The account of the life of Abraham is a spiritual thriller. Promises are being made, the seed of faith is sprouting, and the roots are going deep. Even when there was no hope evident in the natural, Abraham believed in hope, Romans 4:18. The Father of Mercies made a covenant with the Father of the Faithful. It was not done through the law, but through the righteousness of faith, that it might be by grace. A connection was now made, bringing together all generations by the common bond of faith. Romans 4:13-16. The Plan will be complete when righteousness and peace unite.

Through His Word, God reveals to us the blueprint of His constructive activities in the Spirit. He shows us tangible things as examples to enlighten our understanding. The offering, by Abraham, of his only son Isaac gives us another prophetic promise. Genesis 22:8, God will provide himself a lamb. Hebrews 9:26 tells of the sacrifice of Himself. The record of the Exodus is a detailed example of our walk in the spirit. Their very life depended on their getting into the lamb. They physically did this by remaining inside a building to which the blood had been applied, thus providing them with a protective covering. Death had no power there because a death had already occurred. The Blood is still our protection today. Blood was chosen in the Plan of God because the life is in the blood. God’s ways are usually opposite to ours. WE would say, “where there is life there is hope.” He says, your only hope is through the death of the Lamb of God. Hebrews 9:14

Consider the prototype of the tabernacle in the wilderness. This is truly the spiritual of the spiritual. The purpose of the Children of Israel leaving Egypt was so they could be free to serve their God. Hebrews chapter 9 summarizes what took place in the figurative tabernacle, and speaks of a time of reformation. It is interesting that when God gave instruction to Moses concerning the plans for the tabernacle, His priority was the mercy seat. There, he would meet and commune with His chosen people. His very covenant was overlaid with mercy, sprinkled with blood, and clothed with His Righteousness. Exodus 25:21&22. Mercy to die for, the cost was His very life.

The true way had not yet been made known; peace and hope were obscure. The offerings were constant. There had to be a better way, an everlasting solution. When the time was right, the earth shook, and God appeared in all His Majesty and Power. No, a lamb was born in a stable. The event seemed rather insignificant, but never underestimate the power of the Lamb! This was it, the fulfillment of the plan of God. This scene will only happen once. A new tabernacle has come to earth. Again we see the turn-around principle of God at work. This tabernacle of flesh will be the purchase price of redemption. The flesh sold us out; the flesh will be used to buy us back. The flesh, the veil, the very entrance to the Holiest Place will be open forever. Cherubim keeping the way to the tree of life, put down your flaming sword! Genesis 3:24 High Priests of the old Tabernacle made with hands, step aside! The Way, the Truth, and the Life have come. When the veil has been torn, everyone will have access to the Holiest Place and be welcome there. Perfect Love will have come; fear will have been replaced.

The culmination of the plan of God now rests in the body of Christ. What an awesome responsibility Jesus had to fulfill the will. Our future was wrapped up in His present. Our gift of eternal life was about to be opened. All the fullness of the Godhead bodily was in this package. The opening of this gift is at viewers’ discretion. It is not an appealing sight, and will leave lasting images in your mind. Many choose not to look. The thorns, whip, and the nails all tore at the wrapping. Like the tabernacle of old, there was nothing attractive from the outside, the Glory was within. The sacrifice to make the Promises and Blessings available to us was supreme. What we have “in Christ” is invaluable.

The Cross (the tree of life) and Jesus Christ (the fruit on it) was not desirable, unless of course you were responding to a deeper call, a spiritual awakening. Many things were finished that day. When He died and the true veil was opened up, John 19:34, the physical veil of the temple was also torn, Matthew 27:51, so that we could see and know that the way was now accessible.

In Resurrection Power, our High Priest now entered into heaven itself (Hebrews 9:24) with His own Blood (Hebrews 9:12) and at last. Truth is approaching the Mercy Seat. The Prince of Peace is entering the throne room of Righteousness. Now it can be said, “where there is life there is hope.” He took life itself (hope) and secured it forever to mercy. Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters into that which is within the veil, Hebrews 6:19 Psalm 85:10 was fulfilled, Mercy and Truth are met together, Righteousness, and Peace have kissed each other. What a glorious reunion, and answer to the prayer recorded in John 17:5&21.

Reference: Hebrews Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 verses 1 to 22.