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Virtuous Brew

We have committed this coffee shop to growth. It's a place to add to our faith in an effort to reach spiritual maturity. Paul said in Phil. 3:14, ONE thing I do (in three-part harmony) I FORGET the past...REACH to the future, and PRESS (or follow through) in the present. In order to make melody in your life, and have a song in your heart...these three must be in balance.

The word "press" carries a connotation of resistance requiring endurance and constant forward motion. We cannot press unless we can lay aside the weight of the past, and nurture a lively hope in the future.

The first item to be added to our faith is VIRTUE. 1 Thes. 4 uses the word uncleaness or lack of virtue as an antonym for holiness...translating that holiness and virtue are synomomous. Doing what is suitable and appropriate...add to your faith "common sense." Walk with an attitude...a right attitude.

The pendulum swings both ways. We can draw attention to ourselves on either end...and be proud of the attention we get. Neither are a Christ-like spirit. Jesus was very firm in His approach to people who presented an architectural facade, with no intestinal integrity ( a leafy show with no fruit). Spiritual fabrication deceives no-one but the perpetrator, and "profiteth nothing."

God simply asks that we be real. The same temptation that felled satan and subsequently Adam is ever before us...the proud look...a very slippery slope of self-centeredness.

The repentant heart and humble spirit are virtuous and mature qualities...the rich soil that produces the appealing and delicious fruit of the spirit. Don't allow pharisaeical robes to hide your fruit! LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE.