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Cracked Bean Decaf


Angel: (to Jesus as they walk along ) My, what a beautiful vessel you are carrying!

Jesus: (lovingly) Yes, it is fine. I am very proud of it.

Angel: Where did you find one of such outstanding value?

Jesus: Oh....broken - along the wayside.

Angel: Broken?

Jesus: Yes..very badly broken. Kind of kicked out of the way and extremely dirty. Useless, I suppose some would say.

Angel: Then why would you notice or even bother with it? I don't understand, I mean, how did it get to be the way it is now - so attractive and clean? You would never know that it had been broken.

Jesus: Redemption.

Angel: Redemption? I don't get what you are saying!

Jesus: You see...I could see its worth.

Angel: But why the fuss? There are plenty of other vessels available that haven't been dragged through the mud.

Jesus: I know. There are many like that, but they have never been tried and I could never depend on them.

Angel: Now you SURELY are not making any sense to me. What do you mean "tried"?

Jesus: (caressing the vessel tenderly) You see after I got this one all cleaned up and put back together again, I put it in the fire.

Angel: You mean after all that work you would risk breaking it again?

Jesus: Yes, but I wasn't worried.I could see what it was made of when I first came across it.

Angel: How could you - the stains and the mud - no doubt half-trampled into the ground?

Jesus: Because of the material..I knew how it would shine when the blood was applied.

Angel: Blood?? This really isn't making any sense now.

Jesus: You wouldn't understand, but that is HOW I cleaned it, but, back to the fire. It has never damaged it...only made it strong and dependable.

Angel: Sounds risky to me!

Jesus: No...I have tested this vessel many times. I now have confidence that it will always come through stronger and better.

Angel: Why so many tests?

Jesus: Well, this is one of my chosen vessels. You see,I have some living water that I wish to put in it.

Angel: Living water...thats a new one.

Jesus: Well...not so new but very, very special. See, I want to use this vessel to carry this water to those who are thirsty.

Angel: And?

Jesus: And, it is a very responsible ... I have chosen one that I have known from the beginning. Oh! I LOVE this vessel!

Angel: What is this living water supposed to do?

Jesus: There are countless vessels out there that are broken, and I love every one of them! I want them to have my Living Water.

Angel: So why not just go and get them?

Jesus: I have in a way..I have already paid for them.....they are mine, but I need that they should be brought to me so I can mend them.

Angel: (getting excited) Well look ...let me go out and get them for you!

Jesus: No..(wistfully)...all that I can use to accomplish my work is A BROKEN VESSEL.