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The Word is Out

A message to you in the “first person,” (the only Person!). A story of the “genesis” of the new creation. Keep this in mind as you read. In the beginning was the Word , and that word said,” Let there be light!”

The first time around I did everything. I was so proud of my special creation that I treated them like babies and actually spoiled them. Everything was new to them and I made it easy, I thought, by simply telling them what to do. When I left them on their own for a bit, however, they got in trouble. I guess you could say I spoon-fed them. The result was that the “very good” that I had created chose knowledge, by means of deception, because I was “with them.”

I had to say it again, this time from a cross. My life was your light, and I willingly gave it to you. The light that I had intended dimmed that day in the garden. There were a few who made it though history with a flashlight, but my desire had been for glorious abundant light. Calvary turned on the power and eliminated the candle.

This time I humbled myself. I was lifted up like an advertisement on a trashy billboard, and many turned away in disgust. I simply wanted you to see what I had to offer. Since that time a catalog has been published, and even though it is a best seller, I fear it is not a best “reader” I must admit it hurts! The thing is you have been around a long time now, and I wish to treat you maturely. You think about this, and you decide. It is going to be your choice. Through my death I could have instantly restored every living soul, but I chose to give you a pattern, allowing you to explore and follow. It is a very exciting journey with much hidden treasure. The blood that I have shed will cleanse you, but the Word will keep you. My words are spirit and they are life, and they can be ”in you.” I will never leave you then!

My advice to you would be to absorb the maximum daily dose and never be satisfied. Hunger and thirst! Crave it, and be consumed with desire! Become obsessed with the Word, until every-time your mind has a free moment, it turns there. It may be a snack or a full course meal, but it is a continual feasting, ”thinking on these things.”

In the beginning the Word was spoken, and it dissipated into the atmosphere, leaving you to have to remember, and be challenged by questions in your mind as to what I actually said. Now I am the living bread come down to earth. The word has taken form. It has even become tangible. In my death the Word was released, for out of my side flowed not only blood but living water. A river began to flow. You can now assimilate this life-giving source. It is a preservative. It will keep you! My desires are now able to be in you, written on your heart.

The “secret” is to appreciate the simple things, yes even the distasteful things. Can you see the beauty in my blood? Is the reflection of a redeemed human race visible to you in the glistening droplets? Do you see the potential of the teaming life that is there? Are you feeling the energy, and connecting with the power? Can you smell the sweet aroma of diseases healed? In short, does the blood appeal to your senses? All of the accomplishments of man combined cannot compare to the enduring potency in one drop of my blood. Please don’t rush on by! You owe it to yourself to take a little time out.

Are the eyes of your faith able to see into the “real world?” Do what you have to do in this life, but never let it distract you for a moment from taking time to discover more beauty in the Blood and new wonder in the Word. Go ahead, turn on the Light of your Life!