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Fai-Word with a free tidbit

Hi there! I am so glad you came back. You'll find the flavor of this cup similar to the aroma you smelled when you entered the shop.

You look weary...not to've come to the right place. Kick off your shoes (this is not one of "those" restaurants). Service is guaranteed or not! Put up your feet while I get you a coffee.

Perhaps this would be a good time to tell you about our "freebies." You will find lots of them come with the coffees on our decaf menu...and we never run out. None of that "first 100 customers" stuff here.

Remember when you first looked at the Decaf menu you saw some discussion on the subject of faith. This is really cool because...well you'll see.

Here, enjoy this tidbit with your coffee: "I will give you 'rest'" Matthew 11:28. Sure...feel free...grab a Bible and see for yourself. It's for you and it's free - no restrictions or requirements - just the words "come unto me." Well you're here, so that's done!

Now we have to go back to faith again. Here's the deal. It's so simple. In order to get to "know" Him, you must first believe that He really "is" and that He really has things for you and He can't wait to give them to you. Hebrews 11:6. He is big and he has an endless supply. He is generous to a fault.

Hey, you look better already! Is that a smile I see?

This time it's me that's gotta run - I have to unpack some more "freebies." Stay as long as you like...drink as much as you like.

I want to talk to you about your Father the next time you come in, and nowadays that can be such a complex subject. :)

Oh and take this with you..."He cares for YOU"...hold that close ok?